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Watch The Voice. Adam Levine Wears Tight T-Shirts.
cake or death
I dislike most competition reality shows with the exception of Project Runway, and the thought of singing competitions make my skin crawl. Even so, for some reason, I am OBSESSED with The Voice. I couldn't take more than 5 minutes of American Idol or Dancing With the Stars, but I can watch this show every week. What makes The Voice different? In true Colleen fashion, I've compiled a list:

NOTE: If you're unfamiliar with the format of the show, let the NBC website fill you in. Whoever writes on the site does a better job explaining than my mindless meandering writing style would.

1. The Voice is not in the business of humiliating people.
There is no 3-day audition special where everybody and their mother who thinks they have talent sing in front of a group of judges merely for ratings. There are no William Hung's or "Pants on the Ground". The people who sing on the show deserve to sing on the show, and that makes it way less cringe worthy and more enjoyable to watch the performances.

2. The contestants are not picked based on the "total package".
As corny as this sounds, the contestants are picked based on their voice alone. The judges do not see the contestants faces before they decide they want them on their team. This allows people like Beverly, a bald, tattooed lesbian to make it to the finals. She is a kick-ass lady with an amazing voice that can belt out Melissa Etheridge even while she has a cold. I seriously love her, and she needs to take the whole thing.

3. Carson Daly
I know, how can Carson Daly be a GOOD thing? He's devoid of personality and has a very lame late, late night talk show. I personally think he's endearing, PLUS, when he hosts it reminds me of TRL which was on like a million years ago at this point. I want to live in a world where Carson Daly is relevant because it makes me feel less god damn old.

4. Adam Levine and his sexy tattoos

Yeahhh... No explanation needed here.

5. Reba McEntire
After the judges picked the initial 8 contestants for their teams, they brought in another musical artist to help coach their singers. Blake Shelton brought in Reba. I could go on and on about my strange love for Reba McEntire. I only know 2 of her songs, but she just makes me happy watching her and hearing her talk. She's a decent actress (I have watched several episodes of Reba on Lifetime, I'm not afraid to admit it), and she seems generally down-to-earth and spunky. She's been in the music business longer than any of those judges, and she knows her stuff. If I were Blake, I would listen to every word that woman told me.

Plus, I have serious red hair envy.

6. The Voice's judges pick the singers who will move on further in the competition.
This could actually go both ways. Positive: the judges get to work with the competitors before they "dual" against another person on the same team, which gives them insight on their limitations as an artist that the viewer necessarily wouldn't see. The judges also have experience in the music industry and can determine who they think would be successful based on their knowledge. Negative: I was upset because half the people they picked to win the duals I didn't even like.

Problems and Complications - What I do not like about The Voice: Christina Aguilera
Look, I get that you have a fantastic voice, Christina, even if you can't remember the words you're supposed to sing with it, but seriously. This show, as much as I'm sure you want it to be, is not about you. When you sing a song with your team members (that you've recorded previously for a movie soundtrack), there's no need to shove your tits out, one-up each individual's performance by riffing over everyone, and parading your girls around like they're your own personal backup-singing army. Guess what! They don't need to say your name. You have a recording contract! You've sold millions of albums! STOP OVERCOMPENSATING AND GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE THESE THINGS A CHANCE TO SHINE.

Also, this is a signing competition. There is no need to pretend to cry.

There you have it - the top 6 reasons to watch the show. I would say if you're mildly curious, you should check it out. I need someone to rant/rave about it with! :P

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