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Reliving Childhood Arcade Memories with Lauren: Part 1
cake or death
I was downloading pictures from my camera today and figured this was as good as a time as any to give you an update on what's been up the last few months.

Lauren, Paul, Steve and I went to Dave and Buster's. I had never been and I was super excited to check it out. My impression of it (based on what I'd seen in commercials) was that it would be this arcade mecca for adults that served food and liquor till the wee hours of the morning. I didn't think for a moment that there would be anybody below the age of 18 in the place.

I was so, so very wrong.

It was about midnight on a Saturday and there were still mothers with kids in strollers and teenage guidos getting REALLY excited about spinning a big wheel that spit out enough tickets to win a cheap toaster oven. Like, everywhere.

The biggest sin was they served really weak alcoholic beverages. If I'm going to be around herds of 8-year-olds, at least let me be able to numb myself to that fact by drinking heavily. Boo Dave and Buster's. BOO.

We managed to have an awesome time regardless, though :D I was introduced to this really addicting skeeball game where you get to race a horse by rolling the ball into a hole really, really fast:

I won. A lot. That's prolly why I look so happy in this next picture. Plus, I'm with Lauren and I'm drinking. Nothing can ever be wrong with that sentence.

Afterward, Lauren played a motion simulator game where she was flying a plane:

And Sir Swarthy Steven and I took down some pirates by shooting them with a large cannon!

Look at us go.

After a while we got bored with just playing the games (and the place was crowded so we couldn't get to a lot of them, anyway) so Steve decided his new goal was to win tickets. A lot of tickets. Enough to win a Hello Kitty backpack (which was like 1700 tickets, give or take a few).

...So OK, we really just wanted to use up the ridiculous amount of money we put on the Dave and Buster's cards that we had beacuse a repeat visit didn't seem to be in our future. Tomato, tomato.

...That looks the same typed out. Balls.


It was like Steve was on a mission. He jumped from games where the goal was to throw a fish as far as you can, to hitting a light when it came close to a point on a board. We wasted SO MUCH CASH, but we totally made our goal. Upon entering the ticket gift shop... thing (which was totally guarded btw), I immediately put this bit of stuffed polyester glory on:

Yes, she is wearing a pink poncho. Also, this is me attempting to look like a Japanese school girl. I totally fail.

We decided even though we had spent all that time getting enough tickets, we would not purchase the Hello Kitty masterpiece. Even I would not carry around a flammable backpack that is not big enough to hold my cell phone and my lip gloss around with me. I know, *shocker!*, but even I have standard :D We ended up getting a Dave and Buster's cup and one of those Simon key chains. You know Simon, right? The thing with the 4 different colored lights that you must hit in a specific sequence or it buzzes at you further magnifying your failure?

(...I was totally going to link Always Sunny's thing about Simon, but alas, the internet is failed me. Pretend I did and it was like super funny.)

Don't you just love that episode? That show is CLASSIC.

I think my neighbors were actually starting to get annoyed with the constant beeping. I kept the thing in my living room and every time me or Steve felt antsy, we would totally break into a game of Simon. I got pretty good at it.

While this night was slightly epic, it is only the tip of the iceberg compared to part two. That's right, it's going to get crazy. And dirrty.

Stay tuned for Reliving Childhood Arcade Memories with Lauren: Part Two. This time it's personal.

Not really. Whatever.

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I was very anti-facebook games, but then that stupid cupcake game came out and now I'm addicted. There are about 1 million things I could better use my time for, but nooooo, I waste a chunk of my day baking imaginary sugar cookies and decorating a virtual bakery.

The internet totally owns our souls.

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