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Another bitchy entry, but I feel like it's justified.
cake or death
OK, something has been bothering me, and I need to get it off of my chest.

These new abortion laws they're trying to pass? The most RETARDED things I've ever heard. Please reference below:

An Act to expand the definition of justifiable homicide to provide for the protection of certain unborn children.

The "Protect Life" Act

It is no secret that I am very pro-choice. What a women wants to do to her body, for any reason, is her OWN business and it is not up to the government to dictate whether or not a woman wants a parasite attached to her body for nine months. That being said, it is EXTREMELY bad form to let a woman die because she cannot get an abortion. OR kill people that provide abortions. Because and eye for an eye works every time, right?

Why is it that the government feels so comfortable passing laws dictating what a woman can do to her body, but none such laws exist against men? Shouldn't their be a law banning vasectomies? Isn't that preventing the potential of human life? ::sigh::

There are SO MANY PEOPLE who have children who are unfit to take care of them. I feel like people responsible enough to realize they may not be able to provide the life for their child that they want them to have should have the opportunity to abort, or give the baby up for adoption.

I have no plans on being a mother, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I could barely take care of a goldfish. I am selfish and would not have the emotional capacity to raise another human being. I don't knock people who decide to become parents (even if they are grossly unqualified for the job), but what I don't understand is the couples that spend thousands of dollars on In Vitro fertilization. There are 425,000 children in the US foster care system ALONE, and you want to bring more children onto this planet? WTF? Why don't we act like a community and take care of the children that we have already? What is so wrong with taking care of a child that isn't biologically yours? If you were a step parent you would be doing that as well, wouldn't you? Even adoptive parents bug me sometimes because they're so concerned with getting a baby right as it's popped out of the womb. Why not take care of a 8-year-old child who has a crack addict for a mother and no family responsible enough to take care of them? Don't you think they need a good home, too?

If I ever decided to be a parent, I would adopt, no question. I wouldn't want to have a child of my own - I have all kinds of hereditary health problems that I would feel guilty passing on to another person. I also don't think I would raise the child with another person. The pressure to stay together would be a lot so the kid could be happy, and I wouldn't want to stay with someone just for that reason.

I don't know, maybe I've got it all wrong. But I see people who have great families that they take complete advantage of and never appreciate what they are given. I wish I could give kids who don't have that in their lives the same opportunity to be loved and cared for.


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